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Dave Mentkowski

Dave is a graduate of Marquette University.  He also was a local high school basketball standout at  Martin Luther HS. Dave coached HS basketball at Milwaukee Hamilton and Martin Luther. Dave eventually focused solely on business,  including 13 years with Starbucks Coffee.

The love of basketball was rekindled when his daughter, Paige, started playing in 4th grade. As Dave states: “I fell back in love with basketball in 2011. “I realized my calling was to coach again.  I love impacting players both on and off the court…” Dave followed his calling and has coached all levels of basketball. Dave coached for the UW-Parkside Women’s program in 2016. He also founded Milwaukee Lynx Basketball, where skill development was the cornerstone of the program. Dave states, “I didn’t recruit, and was somewhat naïve about what AAU basketball had become since I played it. I just focused on teaching the basics, shooting, ball-handling, weak hand development, and defense. Eventually I was asked to expand, so I expanded slowly and with the right people.”

In terms of developing himself as a coach and trainer: "I went to every coaches clinic, talked to as many coaches as I could and volunteered my time at tons of camps. I just wanted to learn as much as I could and develop relationships. I met with whoever wanted to talk basketball.”

Dave joined Pure Sweat Basketball in 2017, one of the most respected skill development outfits in the country, led by NBA skills trainer Drew Hanlen. "Pure Sweat was unbelievable. I learned so much about teaching the game and becoming a trusted trainer."