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South Performance Academy Training & Performance Stages


Athletes will train, learn and develop in sessions led by the South Performance Training Team.

The sessions will be carefully created and customized to the athletes needs, the teams needs and ensuring that our teams are supported and have everything they need to be competitive. 

Additionally beyond the live performance sessions each athlete will also get access to a private channel that will have a curated training experience walking them through exercises and plans that they need at the stage they are currently training at. 


The live sessions will start in Fall and last throughout the Winter before the club season starts.

When the club season starts the sessions will continue all the way through the season.


Ignition Stage-Foundational Performance Moves
(Every Athlete Starts Here)

Stage 1-Foot Work, Conditioning, Strength, Flexibility 

Stage 2-Foot Work, Conditioning, Strength~Agility, Sport Specific Movements

Stage 3-Foot Work, Conditioning, Strength~Agility, Sport Specific Movements~Speed~Vertical

Stage 4-Foot work, Conditioning, Strength~Agility, Sport Specific Movements, Speed~Vertical~Skill Progression


*Injury Prevention, Flexibility & Recovery techniques will be included in each stage. 


“Building an Athlete”

Physical readiness that enhances mindset & confidence is the recipe for improving your athletic performance.



Every player starts with the Ignition Stage no matter their skill level. Why? Because we want to make sure there are no weakness in the athletes body and they establish a strong foundation of strength, good form and body mechanics. 

There are key fundamentals that we will use as building blocks. Most players will pass this stage with ease, but it's a necessary foundation. 



Stage 1

Elevating to movement with performance. Transitioning to more dynamic movement to create sport specific awareness. These exercises will start to establish multi joint movement and at the same time reinforce the foundation of strength and body mechanics. Additionally having the athlete work on conditioning and aerobic programming.   



Stage 2

Bringing movement to space and pushing the athlete to be more dynamic. 

Starting to bring sport to movement. This stage will get the athlete to move in a multi directional sport specific way. The goal of this stage is to create a more agile and dynamic athlete. 



Stage 3

Reinforcing the previous stages and also introducing speed and power. 

This stage will push the athlete to become faster within the sport and game. 

This training will establish the movement needed to become quicker and more explosive. Additionally training the athlete to jump higher and increase there vertical. 


Stage 4

This stage will merge performance and skill into movement. Building performance into the skill of the game. 

The overall goal of this stage is establish confidence within the game so that the athlete has all the tools they need through repetition. And becoming a more versatile, multi dimensional and skilled player. 

Want to finish stronger to the basket? Here are the series of movements and progressions to train the athlete. 

Want to be stronger defender? Here are the series of movements and progressions to train the athlete.

Want to create space for your shot? Here are the series of movements and progressions to train the athlete.

*Additionally teaching injury prevention and recovery methods. 


On Going-Available 24/7 all year long

-Access to private channel to address athletes needs on their own. 

-Instructional videos and programs

All Performance Stages 





Optimal Health 

Mental Well-being 

Sports Psychology 

Rehab & Recovery 

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