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I have been shooting with Dave for the past year. Dave is a great teacher and over the past year I have seen major improvement not only in my shot but also in my confidence.

Rachel, 12

Rachel has been working with Dave for the past year in one-on-one sessions, small group, large group and complete team camps. Dave was able to immediately change her shot focusing on mechanics which immediately led to increased confidence in her shooting. Dave relates well with youth players, focusses on mechanics as building blocks for future advanced drills to get the player ready for games where you see the confidence that has been developed from the various training camps that Dave offers to meet the player needs to grow as a complete player and as an individual. Because of the results I have seen with Rachel who is now in 6th grade, we have recently starting to send our other daughter who is in 3rd grade and after just a few sessions have already seen results.

Mike, Father

Coach Dave has been a great coach to me the past year. The last few months we have been working on the mechanics of my shot and I can confidently say that he has exponentially improved it by slowing me down, starting at the basics and working up from there. I love the way he teaches and the hours he has spent to improve my game. Thank you Coach Dave.

Colin Buch
Freshman, Martin Luther H.S.

Dave has worked with Colin for about a year. It has been very helpful getting another set of eyes on a Colin’s shot. Sometimes kids get tired of hearing Mom and Dad telling them what they are doing incorrectly or need to work on. Dave quickly spots flaws in even a good shot, but has the ability to communicate with kids to influence them to improve. He is a fundamental coach who builds up a shot from the ground up and incorporates drills into the sessions that have real court applications. The improved mechanics has increased the confidence that can be lacking in players. With improved mechanics comes increased confidence. Colin will be continuing his sessions with Dave.

Doug Buch 

My daughter Sonia has been working with Coach Dave Mentkowski for the past several months. Prior to working with Coach Dave, Sonia had a mediocre technique/form to her jump shot. Now I can see that her confidence level has risen along with her technique. she has learned to slow down and remember all the fundamentals that Coach Dave has taught her thus far. We have worked with several other coaches in the past and not one of them come close to what Coach Dave has told her in the short amount of time that he as worked with her. He has forced her to slow down work on her technique make sure she has rotation on her shot, make sure the ball is in the right pocket, make sure she is stepping forward with the correct foot. He is essentially teach her every single fundamental that needs to be learned to have a great jump shot. Even more so coach Dave has taught her how to be a better teammate on and off the floor, after every practice she feels more and more confident. Coach Dave is truly here for the love of the game and he is passionate about passing that on to the players so they play the game with integrity. His coaching abilities are set to a higher standard and it shows in his coaching and mentoring, I as a father am excited for my daughters future while working with Coach Dave Mentkowski and I couldn’t ask for a better person, coach and mentor to my daughter Sonia. Thank you Coach Dave we appreciate you!

Erick Pagan/father

Coach Dave has been helping me improve my game since the beginning of my high school career. He has helped me improve and develop so many areas of my game. He has helped shape me into the basketball player I am today. We worked a lot on my 3 point shot this whole summer and I feel confident—I am excited to get the season going. His style of teaching is very adaptive and he really breaks things down not only so it is easy to understand but it makes it easy to self correct when I may be in the gym on my own time. His knowledge of the game and skills are tremendous and he really is invested in his athletes and helping them towards their goals. He’s invested in being the best he can be, giving his time to many athletes like myself. He pushes me to give 110% every workout and he tells me side notes for things to do on my own as well. His passion for the game is awesome and I love working with him!

Sierra Grubor, Carroll University