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       Player Expectations:

  • Players are expected to be courteous in word and action, vulgar language and fighting is not acceptable.


  • To participate on this team is a privilege, not a right. Playing time must be earned through hard work and a commitment to improve your basketball skills.  Our coaches are trusted to make appropriate playing time decisions and those decisions are expected to be respected by all.


  • All absences must be excused. Three unexcused absences may result in action determined by the coach.


  • Players must arrive ready to start practice on time. 15 minutes prior to practice is considered on time.

  • NO cell phone use during tournaments, practices (exception to communicate with parents, etc)


  • Upon accepting a position on a Chapman Basketball Academy roster, players may not play for another "AAU" organization.  

  • Uniforms must be maintained as originally issued and may not be altered in any way. If lost, or damaged parents will be responsible for the cost of replacement.


  • Players must bring complete uniform to all tournaments(Jersey/Shorts/Shooting Shirt.)

  • We want to be known as a first-class Club program both on and off the court. This includes the actions of coaches, players, and parents. Parent Expectations: -Respect all fans, refs, coaches, and opponents.


  • Maintain a positive attitude and encourage that same positive attitude in your child at all team events.


  • Communicate with the coach in advance in the event that your child will miss or be late for practice or a competition.


  • Arranging transportation to and from practices and tournaments.


  • Parents are expected to pay for expenses at away tournaments, such as rooms, meals etc.


  • We want to be known as a first-class club program both on and off the court. This includes the actions of coaches, players, and family members.


  • Practices are closed to parents until the last 15 minutes of practice.  Skill sessions are open to parents to observe.


  • In a rare exception, if a parent needs to meet with the coaching staff.  Allow 24 hours following the last game to contact a coach.


  • Please understand that failing to comply with our outlined expectations or failure to show proper respect to players, coaches or officials can result in disciplinary action. If 2 instances occur your athlete will be dismissed from the program.

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