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CBA South AAU Program

CBA South hosts boys & girls competitive AAU teams, from u10-17 on our girl’s side, and u9-17 for our boys.  At South we believe development has to be the cornerstone of any youth program, while still maintaining a high level of play and competitiveness.


Development comes in many areas:  physical skills, physical performance and injury prevention, and mental performance.  In other words, we don’t just roll out the balls, recruit a team of all-stars and win by any means possible.  Our culture and our character matter.  And we select high level players who are high level people—who want to win for the sake of their team.  We play defense, share the ball and teach concepts and not plays! 

If you have a player who wants to compete and improve their game, CBA South checks all the boxes:​

  • On Court individual and Team Development to better player’s individual game

  • Physical Performance Sessions on court and on-line designed to enhance the performance of the athlete: Speed, Power, Agility, Jumping, Landing, Changing Directions

  • Mental Performance to deal with not only sport’s challenges, but life’s challenges

  • Highly Experienced Coaching and Training Staff

TEAM categories:

  • CIRCUIT ELITE TEAMS: These teams will be formed based on the age levels competitiveness and ability to compete at a high level-geared to player’s who want to compete at the highest levels.   Advanced Skill & Performance Sessions, as well as travel and circuit play for exposure.

  • REGIONAL/LOCAL TEAMS:  These teams may have more multi-sport athletes or aren’t quite ready to compete on either the national or regional high level of play.  More skill development may be required and local tournaments to help players get better,  but may have less time or resources to fully commit to a rigorous spring/summer basketball schedule designed for exposure.

Additional Details:

  • Practice locations: Greendale, Muskego, Wauwatosa

  • Pricing and fees will be based on team designation (Circuit Elite, Regional, Local) and will be provided in offer letters following tryouts

  •   Players will be required to purchase uniform package this fall

  • Season officially begins early spring of 2023 and runs through July 31st.

  • Key tournament dates will be provided following tryouts and included in offer letters

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