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Introducing South Performance Academy! 

We are dedicated to the overall development and wellbeing of young athletes. 


Led by David Pritchard with over 25 years of experience training, developing & inspiring athletes from all levels, all ages including College, Olympians and Professionals. His vast knowledge of training, performance, rehab, and nutrition makes this program a more inclusive and holistic experience for the athletes and their families. 


“I feel the greatest thing I can help develop in all of our athletes is the 

confidence and readiness to elevate their game to the next level.”
– David Pritchard


Our Mission 

At South Performance Academy we are dedicated to developing the potential of boys and girls both on and off the court. We incorporate skill development, performance training, a focus on overall health and also in addition a focus on emotional and mental growth in order to enhance every athlete’s skills.


Our Vision

South Performance Academy teaches basketball as an infinite game. We help our students learn techniques and skills within the context of life. Because what makes successful players, makes successful people. Our system focuses on positive feedback, transparency and focused repetition. We emphasize individual and team growth, with special attention to personal accountability, team success and community support.


Our Program

At South Performance we work to develop sport-specific progression to help each individual athlete reach his or her performance goals.

Many of today's athletes are involved in multiple sports throughout the year, at South Performance we understand the physical demands it takes to maintain a high level of performance throughout the year. 

Our primary goal is to provide our athletes with programs that are designed to develop (new) skills, increase their strength & performance, maintain a healthy mind & body, and help reduce the risk of injury.


We believe that each athlete needs a foundation made up of 5 stages. The Stages System has been carefully designed to provide the most comprehensive training for players and coaches so that every player can train at their stage of development and maximize their fullest potential. 


Stages is a complete player development system that builds a player step by step through a system. At each stage, more skills are introduced and exercises get more complex and difficult. 

We have developed cutting edge resources and training plans around each of these stages. 


Your athlete will be supported and nurtured in each of these stages to ensure success on and off the court.

©2022 South Performance Academy is an affiliate of CBA South.

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